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In light of the looming historic occasion of the repatriation of Mungo Man, a group of NGOs, academics, artists and social organisations have come together to explore the idea of what might be done at a national level to celebrate this powerful moment.

Under the banner Sacred Australia, our group is interested in what might be done in the broader cross-cultural spheres both nationally and internationally to mark this pending occasion.

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Jason Kelly: The Story of the Message Stick

Jason Kelly: Return to Country of Mungo Man

Ben Bowler: Return to Country of Mungo Man

Sacred Australia – David Tacey

Sacred Australia – Jim Bowler

Sacred Australia – Fr. Bob Maguire

Partner Organisations

Global Citizen

Someone’s going to have to do something, otherwise we are going to end up with a total global spiritual nervous breakdown. You guys are onto it.

Fr Bob Maguire

It is our connections which largely make us who we are… My conviction is that, we must combine the powerful elements of land and people which provides the genesis of new power, in which is embedded in the nature of the spirit

Jim Bowler

This is a sacred country, the whole world is scared, land is sacred, you walk the same land as I do, and the land that you walk on has been there for thousands of years, as Aboriginal people we never owned the land, we were part of the land, and the land was a part of us.

Allan Harris

Official Australia does its best to hide from the sense of the sacred, which is why we haven’t as a culture done much to think about aboriginal Australia. There is a lot of interest going into the plurality of the sacred, there is not just one way, there are many ways.

David Tacey

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